Bogna Krasnodębska – Gardowska (1900 – 1986)

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Bogna Krasnodębska – Gardowska. Widok Kazimierza nad Wisła, 1924

Kolorowy drzeworyt Bogny Krasnodębskiej z roku 1924 przedstawiający widok Kazimierza nad Wisłą. Wytropilem, że identyczny egzemplarz sprzedany był raz na aukcji w Polsce za 800 złotych. Jednak ten egzmplarz jest szczególny bowiem dołączony jest do niego list artystki do osoby we Francji jaka wyraziła zainteresowanie tą pracą. Autorka oferuje drzeworyt za 50 franków oraz dołącza własnoręczny kororowy ryunek tej pracy aby rozwiać wątpliwości swoje i kupującego, że dyskutują o tym samym drzeworycie. Fantastyczna proweniencja! Dodatkowo dreworyt ten został opublikowany w książce M. Grońskiej, Nowoczesny drzeworyt polski, Ossolineum 1971, s.171.

Dzeworyt i list sprzedano za 400 euro.

Lot 73. [Arts – Pologne] Bogna KRASNOD?BSKA-GARDOWSKA (1900-1986), 3 pièces. L.A.S., Varsovie, 13 mars 1926, 1 page in-8
” Monsieur, le professeur Skocrylas m’a fait part de votre désir d’acheter une gravure sur bois que vous avez vue à l’exposition. D’après votre…

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Ewa Demarczyk | Tomaszów

Je pleure sans raison que je pourrais vous dire

C’est une chanson d’une tristesse incommensurable (peut-être est-ce une tristesse polonaise, je ne sais pas, il faudrait se renseigner sur cette tristesse particulière). De quoi porter un accès de cafard jusqu’à un paroxysme. Le cafard qui prend les gens le dimanche soir par exemple.

Le cafard des enfants ces soirs-là. Le cafard d’un enfant polonais qu’on ramène en voiture à la pension dans la ville de Cracovie – une pension catholique ; la radio passe cette chanson-là tandis qu’il voit s’éloigner sa maison, ses montagnes des Tatras, et disparaître dans la nuit les lieux dans lesquels il est heureux. Il s’agit d’une histoire qui n’est pas la sienne pourtant, mais il entend parler de séparation et de douleur, d’une maison blanche, du silence de septembre, de raisin : winogrona. Pour lui c’est comme si la main qui lui étreint déjà la poitrine se resserrait encore, à la broyer.


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David Perlmutter: ❝ My Way 6: Sex For The Beach ❞ (Excerpt)

Lilah E. Noir


In the early spring I received a message from David P Perlmutter, author of the true crime biography novel Wrong Place Wrong Time and creator of the My Way anthologies that give a chance of different authors from various genres to showcase their work. He was interested in erotica writers for his latest compilation. As a coincidence, I was working hard on editing my debut novel Unorthodox Therapy. It was a huge pleasure for me to say yes and join the other participants in that highly erotic compilation. It is already live and available on Amazon.

Chapter 8


The rest of the weekend was spent entirely on research. My new ‘Master’ suggested I learned more about the lifestyle. He also sent me an excruciatingly long list of different fetishes and kink practices. When I opened the file on Sunday morning, I groaned and nearly gave up on…

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Corey Carter: ❝ Heat Up Your Holiday Reading List with this Hot Amazon Kindle Deal! ❞

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Angela Snyder: ❝ Pre-order Keeping Her on Amazon at the special pre-order and release week price of only 99 pennies ❞

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Amalie Jahn: ❝ The Clay Lion ❞


“The Clay Lion” by Amalie Jahn is an amazing piece of heart-breaking and uplifting fiction. Aimed probably at young adults as main target audience the book however has a lot to say that is relevant to people of all ages.
It is the story of one brave young woman that choses to go back in time to try and save her fatally ill younger brother.
The idea of time travel did not appeal to me at first since it has been done many times and some authors in the genre can try to be too clever for their own good.
“The Clay Lion” is way above that level and raises some fascinating and worthy questions about regrets, missed opportunities, second chances and destiny. By doing so successfully the book qualifies – in my humble opinion at least – as literary fiction and philosophical offering on the subject of turning back time. It made me think hard about what I would chose to relive and try and change in my life.
The main story – the disease of her younger brother – is often sad but always full of hope and positive and important messages, a tribute to courage and an appeal to the good side in all of us.
Written with charm and emotional wisdom this is hugely rewarding and captivating. A powerful and important read and a talented author to watch.

Amalie Jahn: The Clay Lion

Kelly Baugh: ❝ Miss You Once Again ❞

What sparked the idea for Miss You Once Again? Miss You Once Again came about because of several converging events. First, my own dear Nana, who the Nana in this book is loosely based upon, passed away during the fall of 2010. During the many family gatherings that happened after her death it was interesting […]

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Tonya D. Price: ❝ The Writer’s Business Plan (Business Books For Writers Book 1) ❞

By Tonya D. Price I ask every indie publisher I meet to tell me about their business plan. Most of the authors I talk to admit they don’t have one. Some want to write one, but don’t know where to start. Many believe they don’t need a business plan. But talk to a successful indie […]

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Anna Zaires & Dima Zales: ❝ Twist Me: The Complete Trilogy ❞

If you write in English and have translated your books into French or some other foreign language, you’ve undoubtedly found yourself faced with the unique challenge of selling books in markets where you may not speak the language. It’s difficult enough to gain visibility in English-speaking countries, but trying to do so in France or […]

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